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Five things you should (try to) include in your Ceremony ...

by Erin Marmont | Jun 26, 2016

1. Pay your Respects
You don't have to leave it until the speeches, why not mention these people (see below) while you have everyone's full attention during the Ceremony.

- No doubt there will be people that couldn't make your special day - because they live to far away or are too ill or old to travel  
- There may be some special family members or friends who have passed.  No doubt they will be celebrating too (in their own way)
- To those that have supported and contributed
- To everyone that has loved and encouraged your relationship

2. What does this marriage mean to you?
Each couple has their own definition of what a marriage means.  This can be a sincerely touching aspect of the Ceremony

3. Tell your story ....
Want to make your Ceremony different from all the others?  Want to capture your guests attention?  PERSONALISE IT!

Tell a little story to set the scene of why we are really here today.  
- Where did you meet?    
- How did you meet?
- What did you initially think of each other?
- Share some of the funny or memorable first dates or moments together.
- Who proposed?  Where?  Was it expected?

4. Personalise your vows
Sure, there are plenty of examples on the internet for you to use.  Instead of using these, try and write something you love about each other.  

Tip: get a pen and some paper.  Write all the things you love about each other.  That might be all you need to share with your special person on your big day.

Vows don't have to be what you envisage they should be.  They don't have to make rhyme or reason - they just have to make sense.

5. Be unique
Throw something in the Ceremony mix that will surprise and delight your guests, include your family or just be quirky.

Here's a few examples:
- Sand/water Ceremonies - uniting two families
- Jewish glass smashing
- Scottish hand fasting
- Dove/Butterfly release
- Pull out a camera and take a photo of your guests (instead of the other way around)
- Pull two names out of a hat to pick your witnesses
- Have a reading or two

Erin Marmont Wedding Celebrant