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  • Rainy Day Weddings

    by Erin Marmont | Jun 12, 2015
    Don't be disheartened there's rain looming on the day you share your nuptials ... here's a few things to look forward to regardless.
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  • Writing your own Vows

    by Erin Marmont | Apr 13, 2015
    Writing your own vows doesn't have to be a daunting experience ... try these tips and techniques to write some outstanding vows for your special day.
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  • Hello Sailor!

    by Erin Marmont | Sep 03, 2014
    I've seen some awe-inspiring nautical themed weddings of late. If only I could do it all again ...
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  • It's never to late to say 'I do'

    by Erin Marmont | May 27, 2014
    Some people chose not to be married and some couples decide a long way down the track, that yes perhaps it would be nice. Let's give it a go ...
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  • Picking the right celebrant!

    by Erin Marmont | Apr 10, 2014
    A few hot tips to help chose a Celebrant that won't ruin your big day.
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