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Ten Embarrassing Kisses to Avoid at your Ceremony

by Erin Marmont | Apr 26, 2016

1. The Over-Snog
The one where it just goes on far, far too long  Hey, remember us?  Your guests!  You're not on film now, but we're all watching.  Lessen the length for the sake of embarrassing us all (you included) ... please.

2. The Bridge Snog
The kiss just feels so right ... but you're 10 feet away from each other.  This happened at my own wedding and the photos looked so bad.  There should be no bridge.  Build one and get over it.  Closer together is all the rage.

3. Colour Me Pink
There's nothing worse than seeing smudged make-up over your partner.  Or yourself for the matter.  Think of the photos ... tragic!  Get yourself some lipstick that won't 'kiss off'.  Here's some editors lipstick picks from

4. The Peck
You're not a bird, show some passion!

5. The Waterfall
This refers to your eyes.  Make sure you have a tissue handy and wipe away your tears (or your partners) before going in for the kiss.  Drips falling from your mouth are not the waterfalls we want to see.  Ever heard of the makeup finger sponge?  Perfect to dab away those tears, lipstick and running mascara.  

6. Lickety Lizzard
This one speaks for itself.  No need to search for food down your partners throat.  Remember ... guests!  If this one you're in to ... keep it for 'business' time.

7. The Sleeve
Yep you wiped your kiss off!  The only excuse for this is if you see your partner has lipstick smudged all over their face.  Refer back to No. 6.

8. The Hollywood
Planning on surprising your guests with the dip and full-on Hollywood snog for a laugh?  Great, follow it up with a passionate one too.

9. The Old Shifty
This refers to the eyes.  If you're an eye-open kind of kisser - make sure you're not eye-balling your guests.  Awkward!!!

10. The Big Bite
Biting lips is cute - especially in Fifty Shades.  But this is not Fifty Shades, it's your Wedding.  Keep the biting for the cake.
No No Kiss

Remember ...
The 'Best Kiss' is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.



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