Posted on 12 Jun

No Bride (or Groom) really wants to hear it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day do they?  It's true they say it is ... it is also allegedly supposed to increase your fertility.  That's enough of that ... here's a few other cool things to look forward to or consider if it rains on your wedding day.

1. Don't worry ... whether you get married outside or in, the rain will never affect the special feeling going on inside your bodies, hearts and minds.  The excitement, the nervs ... they're all still there, rain or shine!  

2. Embrace the warm and cosy nature of getting married huddle indoors while it pours down outside.

3. Pick yourself up a last minute pair of funky gumboots for some outdoor photo's.  Don't forget a cool umbrella to match!

4. Why not put out a couple of cute jars, his and hers to collect the rain as a sweet memoir.

His and Hers Jars

Funky Boots

Neat Umbrellas