Posted on 10 Oct

I first met Morris at Brian and Niki's Wedding Ceremony in Browns Bay on Valentines Day 2015.

I had just finished the Ceremony when Morris flashed $50 at me and asked if I could 'pull a swifty' and quickly marry him and his long term girlfriend Gail.  "You need paperwork unfortunately" I joked back.

I chatted with Morris and his work colleague Steve over a bubbles after the Ceremony.  He started to tell me about his 70th birthday in two weeks time.

"How many friends and family will be there?" I asked.

"Around 120" Morris replied.

"Why don't you surprise her there and get married in front of everyone at your party?"

Morris laughed.  You could see the idea processing on his face but told me it was unlikely.  I gave him my business card anyway.  Ring me on Monday if you change your mind.

On Monday I got a call.  "Erin, it's Morris.  I've found our old marriage papers and filed for a licence to get married."  Brilliant I thought.

Morris did all the prep work only communicating his intentions with his work colleague Steve.  Steve was my 'communicator' instead of Morris, in case Gail got wind of anything going on.

On the evening of Saturday 28 February Morris stood up and took the mic and thanked everyone for coming.  He promised them they were going to be in for an unreal night.  This would turn out to be very true.

He invited Gail up to the stage and proposed to her, promising to marry her within 5 years.  

Gail was in shock, speechless and completely blown away!  

Morris announced the buffet would be ready in 20 minutes and to keep going with the 'romantic' feel of the evening told his guests he had invited a special singer to sing love songs.

Enter Erin.

I took the mic and started to sway as the band played 'Love is in the Air'.  

Right before the swaying got 'too awkward' as there was no way in hell I was going to sing ... I cued the band to stop.

"Good evening everybody, my name is Erin Marmont.  I can't sing to save myself but I can officiate marriages".

Gail in tears, hand over mouth - completely shocked!

The crowd goes wild, whooping and cheering for what seemed like an eternity.

And that ... is how you pull off a very good surprise wedding!

Morris and Gail