Posted on 09 Apr

Having a ritual in your Ceremony, is not for everybody.  Have you ever wondered what was involved in having doves released at your Ceremony?



I found my first dove release Ceremony so fascinating.   I’d never stopped to consider what the doves go through in their training, only wondering how they managed to find their way home?


I got a good yarn on one afternoon after a Wedding Ceremony with the owner of a dove release company.  When she took over ownership of the company and a flock of doves, training had to start over for the birds.  First taking them down them 100 metres down the road and calling and coaxing them home.  Then 100m the other way, then 200m, then 1km, then 2km and so on. 


When the doves are released at the Ceremony they circle above the guests to get their bearing and wait for each and every one of the birds to join the group.  Once they are all circling, they return home TOGETHER. 


She admitted in the early days and without the full knowledge she has now that she once trained a bird too early in life that was unable to fly the distance home in one go.  What was fascinating to learn was that one of the other, stronger doves stayed with the young bird, until it was fit enough to return on the rest of the journey.


Isn’t that just beautiful!!!